Young People’s Concerts

The Young People’s Concert series is an integral part of the Symphony’s education program. Annually, the Virginia Symphony reaches over 25,000 students in eleven different school districts as well as students in private schools and home school environments.

The goals of these concerts are to:

  •  Introduce symphonic music
  •  Introduce the instruments of the orchestra
  •  Tie musical arts to the schools’ core curriculum supporting the Virginia State Standards of Learning
  • Foster relationships between symphony orchestras and their local schools

The 2020-2021 Young People’s Concert series will feature Carnegie Hall’s “Link Up” program, which will engage students by encouraging them to play instruments and sing along with the orchestra from their seats. Click the links below for these helpful resources on Carnegie Hall’s Website: the teacher guide, student workbook, downloadable music, and classroom presentation resources. Professional development for teachers using the Link Up curriculum will made available throughout the school year.

This year, the Virginia Symphony Orchestra presents Link Up: The Orchestra Swings! The repertoire includes music by Florence Price, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, and Leonard Bernstein. The program and curriculum focus heavily on:

  • rhythm (specifically swing versus straight rhythm),
  • form (such as AABA form and the 12-bar blues),
  • improvisation,
  • musical dialogue (such as call and response), and
  • how musicians play in sync with each other.

Link Up Resources:


Additional Information!

For more information, please contact our Education and Community Engagement Manager, Rebekah Geiselman, at

Become a volunteer!

The Virginia Symphony needs your help! Volunteers at each of our performances lead students in participation, act as ushers, and direct students from the buses into the hall. If you are interested in joining the VSO team for this or any other performance, contact Kristen Bennington at