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Carmina Burana

The Virginia Symphony Orchestra and Chorus will be joined by the Virginia Children’s Chorus to take the stage for one of the most epic works ever written! Join us for Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana – an uproarious and intoxicating depiction of a raucous medieval paradise.

Eric Jacobsen, conductor
Virginia Symphony Orchestra
Virginia Symphony Orchestra Chorus
Virginia Children’s Chorus
Jasmine Habersham, soprano
Brian Giebler, tenor
Joshua Jeremiah, baritone

Juhi Bansal: To Call the Rain (World Premiere)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony No. 31, “Paris”
Carl Orff: Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana is performed in Latin, German, and French with projected English translations.

A note from Juhi Bansal: There is a tradition in Hindustani classical music of Malhar ragas, of music that – when played with intention and inspiration – holds the capacity to invoke rain. To Call the Rain imagines this ritual in orchestral sound. Solo strings play delicate melodies drawing upon one of the ragas, and the orchestra reacts in vivid colour, responding to the call. What begins as a melodic voice grows from gentle patter to downpour, as movement and flow, drops and ripples and lush textures fill the space.

To Call the Rain was commissioned by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra; Eric Jacobsen, Music Director.

Free benefit with every ticket:
Behind the Notes with Eric Jacobsen!

Behind the Notes is a unique opportunity to hear Eric Jacobsen provide insights to better understand and appreciate the concert program. Learn more about the journey of the orchestra,  choruses, and guest artists working to make the performance come together. Join us for a thirty minute discussion in the hall one hour before the concert starts.


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March 8, 2024
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