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Virginia Symphony Orchestra

The Virginia Symphony Society

Join us in our mission of supporting the Virginia Symphony Orchestra and promoting music across generations. The Society directly promotes the Virginia Symphony’s goals to develop new audiences for symphonic music.

The Virginia Symphony Society helps bring this world class orchestra to our community by promoting performances in local Williamsburg venues, by sponsoring workshops for teachers and students in Williamsburg schools, and by assisting in other regional outreach activities that enhance the cultural experience of living in Greater Williamsburg and Hampton Roads.


Society membership offers
the following exclusive benefits:

  • 15% discount for single ticket purchases for all VSO performances
  • Waived fees on all subscription package purchases for VSO performances
  • Exclusive private events in Williamsburg featuring presentations and performances by VSO musicians
  • VIP seating to the VSO concert in Williamsburg at Lake Matoaka
  • Annual champagne reception exclusive for VSS members following a VSO concert at Ferguson
  • Annual VSS member meeting with wine and hors d’oeuvres featuring VSO musicians
  • And more…

How We Began

In 1996, Williamsburg resident Bert Aaron (pictured here with his wife Gladys) saw that the Virginia Symphony Orchestra (VSO) was struggling in Williamsburg. Fearing that the community might soon lose the opportunity to experience and enjoy the symphony’s first-class, live orchestral music, Bert endeavored to do something about it.

Together with Gladys, Bert worked with a small group of friends that included Dr. Les Dubnick, Dr. Mil Maloney, Dick Hanley and others to create the Virginia Symphony Society of Greater Williamsburg (now the Virginia Symphony Society) – a local support arm for the VSO. From a small gathering of five in Bert’s home in 1996 to today, the society’s numbers have swelled to well over 300 members.

Bert and Gladys Aaron